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Celebrity Snapshot

This nice online game will surely entertain you. Become a paparazzi photographer who takes photos of celebrities and passes them to the newspapers. There is a hint – the SCHEDULE- that will always tell you where the celebrity is just fading, whether they go shopping, go home into the villa, on the beach, or to the club. Go there and try to capture the best shots! If your shot is successful, there will be a value in dollars; sell the pictures. Click on CAMERA MEMORY, then SELL icon, and then on the photo you want to sell. Delete the photos from the memory card in a similar way. Be quick because you can not get caught by the bodyguards; otherwise, the game ends. If you earn enough money, you can buy better equipment and establish your own photo studio. This fun online game for kids will test your sharp eye and quick reactions.

Start the game by clicking on PLAY, PLAY again, and control it with the mouse.