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Fireman Sam Fire Truck

A pretty important task is waiting for you. You’ll be a fireman and your task is to put out the fire. Drive a firefighting truck and put the fire out. The first thing you have to do in each round is to stop in front of the blue container and press the spacer so that the water will reach your car. After that, you have to get to the fire with water within the time limit. Put it out. There is a traffic light at the end of each level so slow down in order to not crash the car. You can aim by using the mouse and start putting out the fire by using the spacer. Try to pour out as little water as possible on your way in a car because you’ll need a lot of water to put out the fire.

Start the game by clicking on PLAY, PLAY, choose the first level, and control it with the arrows, spacer, and mouse.