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Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2

Play this online game for the smallest ones that will take you to the tattoo studio. Play with DinoSpike at the tattoo studio! It's summer time; you are wearing short-sleeved T-shirts, skirts, or shorts. Therefore, some of you like to show off a nice tattoo. This online game will let you create such a tattoo. First, select a unique tattoo for your customer. Prepare a template, apply it to the body, disinfect the area and create the tattoo. Paint it according to the draft. Enjoy this super creative online game for kids. Online games are great fun for your leisure time!

Start the game by clicking on PLAY, PLAY again, and choose a model. Select the appropriate tattoo according to your customer´s per­sonality. Look at all the tattoos, choose one, and get started. Control the game with the mouse.