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Me and My Dinosaur

An amazing flash game for kids that is full of fun, is finally here. Your only friend is a dinosaur. They do not like him in the city and try to hurt him. Run away together. You can do that by working together as a team. You can make it together. Keep opening the gates with the buttons. Dinosaur will help destroy the dogs and enemies. Morever, he can walk after the barbs, instead of you. You can jump on the islands and on dinosaurs as well. Dinosaur will run where you throw him a bone. You always have to think about each other since you have to finish together. Games for kids online will fight the boredom. TO START click into the center of a white screen, and the game starts.

Start the game by clicking on PLAY and NEW GAME (SKIP INTRO). Name your new friend. Confirm it with GO! Control the boy with the buttons A, S, W, and D and throw a bone by clicking the mouse.