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Ting Tong

This great online game for kids is perfect for summer. Since tasty fruit ripens on trees, it needs to be picked as well. The boy will shoot the fruit down by using a sling, and his friends will pick the fruit into the truck and sell it afterwards. Every day you have to sell enough fruit to reach a certain limit. In another level, you have to be careful not to shoot down the nests on the tree since it will take your life. Most of all, beware of farmers! Enjoy this fun collection of sweet fruit. Have fun with a great game for kids, and enjoy every moment.

Start the game by clicking on START and 2× CONTINUE. Pull the sling with a ball by using the mouse and let it go. Pick the fruit with PICK UP, and click on individual fruits on the ground. Send the boy to the market to sell it by clicking on GO and get back to shooting with the BACK button. Do not waste a lot of time since there is a time limit!