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Wonder Defender

Play this flash game for kids and have fun with magic. Amazing adventures in the style of tower defense online games are waiting for you! You are a magician, who lives in a room in a house with a garden, when suddenly the monsters attack you and want to destroy your happiness. Build defense towers and use your magic skills to defend yourself. At the beginning of the level, build the towers that will shoot automatically after you start an attack. You can use the magic anytime after you draw the symbol, which appears at the beginning of the level, above the monster. Gradually, you can enhance your defense. Choose the right strategy and you will definitely win! Online game for the little will catch their attention.

Start the game by clicking on START GAME, PLAY, choose the first level and confirm it with GO! Control the game with the mouse. Towers have different characteristics, and keep building them in designated areas. Attack by clicking on the green arrow key in the upper right corner.