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Cookies are text files that contain a small amount of information that you download to your computer, mobile, or other device when you visit a website. A web site visitor who has cookie-enabled cookies in their web browser accepts a way to handle cookies on a specific website.

A web site visitor who has cookie-enabled cookies in their web browser, this accepts how cookies are handled on a specific web site. Cookies are useful because they serve in particular to analyze site traffic and to ensure greater convenience when using them, for example by allowing you to remember yourself for the next visit to the site. Cookies can not scan your computer or other devices or read the stored data. Temporary cookies (session cookies) are always activated when you visit a web page and are automatically deleted when you browse it. Permanent cookies (so-called long term cookies) remain stored on your computer or other device even when the web page is over. Cookie settings Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support cookie management. With your web browser settings, you can manually clear, block, or completely disable individual cookies, or block them or allow them for individual websites only. However, in this case, we can not guarantee that all areas of our pages will retain the specified function. How we use cookies: To save your personal settings They help us identify you as a unique visitor, remember your settings chosen at the last visit, such as the layout of the content on the site, the selection of a specific location or the pre-completion of your login information. Retargeting ads Ad cookies allow you to display a targeted ad on your website based on tracking your behavior and search on the internet, by identifying it in your browser settings. These cookies do not identify a specific person but the settings and preferences of an anonymous user on that particular computer. Ad cookies are also used to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific ad and track the number of users it has taken. This document does not provide complete information on the terms of data handling but is intended to provide website visitors with information on the collection and storage of cookies for the above purposes performed by Frogfoot on the basis of an agreement with the service provider on a particular website. Information on other data collection activities and the possible processing of personal data on this website may be provided by your service provider on the site.